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Corridors Regeneration Project... Building natural freeways for wildlife!

What is being done?
Tamborine Mountain was once entirely covered by Rainforest. Farming and timber milling cleared most of this, leaving remnant patches throughout the region.

By expanding existing rainforests, and coordinating revegetation management of available private and public land, TML volunteers are working to reconnect patches of forest. This will form environmental corridors, so that animals can freely roam throughout the region.

Rainforest regrowth at Esme Street

This project will positively impact the natural beauty of this pristine mountain district.

Major funding provided by Scenic Rim Regional Council, Energex and the volunteers' efforts of The Piccabeen Bookshop

Tamborine Mountain Landcare Incorporated.
Office: The Piccabeen Bookshop - Shop 10/15 Main St North Tamborine Phone: 0403 783 757
Email: secretary@tamborinemtnlandcare.org.au