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Our History and our Achievements by Elizabeth Russell

Most Landcare groups are formed by farmers and graziers getting together to control problems such as pests and soil erosion. Tamborine Mountain Landcare (TML) is different.

It evolved from cooperation between nine community groups (including Tamborine Mountain Garden Club), Beaudesert Shire Council, Gold Coast City Council, Land Warfare Centre, and Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service who, in 1998, together applied successfully for funds from the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) for a Tamborine Mountain Escarpment Management Strategy Project (TMEMSP).

In late 2002, at the conclusion of the highly successful Project the outgoing steering committee of the TMEMSP formed TML. TML was endorsed by the Department of Natural Resources & Mines as a Landcare group on 19 February 2003 and became incorporated on 30 May 2003. 

TML’s brief was to implement the management strategy recommended in the comprehensive report compiled during the three year project. This included weed eradication and control, revegetation and habitat protection, feral animal control, and the establishment of a database to record the biodiversity on Tamborine Mountain.

To further these aims, TML established a number of sub-committees to take primary responsibility for each individual concern. This system has worked well and has been expanded to cover other activities that have been initiated. A website was also established during the first year of operation and has proved invaluable.

TML continues to receive strong support from community groups and government agencies, particularly Beaudesert Shire Council, now Scenic Rim Regional Council, which provided funds for a project officer for a number of years, and more recently, has provided an annual environmental grant.

Consequently much of TML’s regular work is concentrated on Council land although cooperative projects with individual landholders are envisaged.

In order to carry out weed control and revegetation, TML is following a Corridor Regeneration Plan regenerating and connecting areas of rainforest. It currently has working bee groups at 3 Contour Road sites, Kalmia Court, Ohia Court, Cedar Creek (below the high school), Holt Park, Esme Street Environmental Reserve, Rosser Park, Manitzky Park, Millet Park and John Dickson Conservation Park. It also seeks funds to carry out special projects on private and/or public land. This allows more intensive work schedules using paid contractors and others such as Conservation Volunteers Australia, and Green Army, so that much more can be achieved in a short period.

Much of this extra funding has been provided by State and Federal Government grants. TML has established an excellent record of management with the regional body, SEQ Catchments (now Healthy Land and Water)

One very successful project has been a joint project with the Tamborine Mountain Garden Club to regenerate and extend the existing rainforest along Tamborine Creek which runs through the Botanic Gardens. This is a valuable cooperative program and large areas of lantana have been replaced with local rainforest species which will mature into an extension of the existing rainforest habitat.


Major funding provided by Scenic Rim Regional Council, Energex and the volunteers' efforts of The Piccabeen Bookshop

Tamborine Mountain Landcare Incorporated.
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